Treat yourself to a massage that’ll soothe your aching muscles, awaken your happiness and transcend you to ultimate bliss. Through holistic healing and positive thinking, you’ll feel rejuvenated and on cloud nine.

If stress is getting you down and in need of instant stress relief and rejuvenation, then come on by and speak to Melissa, our massage therapist in Potters Bar. Holistic therapy is the perfect way to enter a euphoric feeling of relaxation.

What Body Massages do we Offer?

Here at Heaven and Earth Massage, we offer a variety of massage options to suit your specific needs. Each massage, however, comes with a few relaxing staples that are geared towards helping you unwind no matter what.

You will enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere, in an environment that’s designed to be cosy and welcoming. What’s more, we only use all-natural vitoleum oils that are full of health-boosting vitamins and minerals. All of this is so that you can leave feeling fully replenished.

Release your pent up stress with a deep tissue massage in Potters Bar, or combine multiple holistic therapies with our Crystal Healing Massage, which combines all the relaxing benefits of a massage with the healing properties of crystals.

Our massage therapist is fully licensed and incredibly talented. When you visit, you will have a choice several massage therapist to get your body back into peak condition.

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Crystal healing massage
  • Essential massage
  • Full body massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Naturist massage

Why Positive Thinking?

We at Heaven and Earth Massage believe that deep relaxation can only occur when the mind is also at rest, which is why our massage therapist is a trained positive thinking and holistic counsellor. Speak your mind in a soothing environment.

 Our massage bar is also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapy. So, when you come in for your Potters Bar massage, you can let your stressors go and confide in a private and confidential space before, after, or during your massage.

How Our Holistic Therapy Helps

This combination of massage and counselling is what makes our Potters Bar massage therapist so unique. We offer you full relaxation of the mind and body, and work with you to customise your experience based on your physical and mental needs.

Healing the body isn’t enough to feel truly relaxed. Our goal is to help you feel completely safe and at ease so that when you confide in your massage therapist, you can finally let go of the stress that has been holding you back from leading your best life.

Choose from a variety of massage types to ease your muscles, talk it out with a specialised counsellor, and leave your troubles behind you.

Why Choose Heaven and Earth Massage in Potters Bar?

Our holistic massages are perfect to help rejuvenate your body and mind, and with our affordable pricing we are the perfect way to rid yourself of stress. Contact us today to book an appointment and remember what it feels like to be completely stress-free.