Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit through a relaxing massage that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed and replenished.

Massages are the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one, so treat yourself and book an appointment with us today and benefit from a truly relaxing experience that will help both your health and wellbeing into the future.

Heaven and Earth Massage is dedicated to a holistic healing approach, which is necessary for providing a true escape from life’s daily stressors. Rid yourself of muscle knots, ease your mind, and enjoy a session of utter bliss.

Escape the Stresses of Everyday life through Holistic Therapy

The cornerstone of our approach towards your session is holistic health. Our ethos is that we believe massage has the power and capability to help ease your mind, soothe your body and replenish your spirit.

Stress is brought on by carrying around tension day in and day out, and this tension is often due to the stresses of everyday life, be it as work or at home. You need to talk through such situational stressors as well as treat your body and muscles well if you want to unwind completely.

Choose from a range of quality massages provided by our trained massage therapist in Goffs Oak, and opt for our positive thinking counselling while experiencing the massage of your choice.

What Makes our Body Massages Special?

All of our massages are carried out in a relaxing environment, geared towards helping you settle and unwind. To further aid relaxation, every one of our massages are completed with 100% natural, feel-good and scent-free vitoleum oils.

These oils, when rubbed in, benefit your body as they boost your body’s vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, you don’t even have to worry about your clothes after your massage, as the oil we use leaves behind no residue!

Be sure to choose from one of the following when you book your Goffs Oak massage with us:

  • Naturist massage
  • Essential massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Full body massage

All of our massages have unique qualities. However, all of our massage treatments are given in a welcoming, cosy and relaxing setting so that you feel completely as ease. We will also combine your massage with the calming qualities of healing crystals.

Alternatively, let your Goffs Oak massage therapist know where your tension is and your daily routines. By doing so, your massage therapist will help you with a deep tissue massage that focuses on your stress points and helps your muscles finally unwind.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

The notion of positive thinking isn’t new, but many of us fail to participate in it. Through our positive thinking counselling, you can combine a massage in Goffs Oak while also unleashing any worries you may be harnessing.

Anything you divulge in will remain the in the discreet and confidential environment we provide for you. All our sessions are kept private, so your mind as remain at ease.

Reach tranquillity through our guidance.

Why Choose Heaven and Earth Massage in Goffs Oak?

Heaven and Earth Massage is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapy, offers a wide range of incredible massages, and has a trained positive thinking holistic massage therapist on hand to help you relax and unwind.

With our competitive prices and holistic philosophy, there is no reason not to book an appointment with us today.