Massage is a wonderful way to replenish your mind and body. Unleash your creativity, learn to let go of negativity, and repair your body from stress.

Through holistic healing, positive thinking and body massage, you can live a healthier, more pleasant lifestyle that’ll aid you in living your best life. Our services and Enfield massage therapist are tailored to your needs and demands, ensuring you can leave feeling beautifully refreshed.

Why Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy refers to non-medical and non-evasive therapy that aims to promote the wellbeing and natural health of a person. Massage therapy fits in perfectly with holistic health and is a great way to work out the knots in your body and help you relax on an incredibly deep level.

Our holistic approach goes one step further.

When you get a massage in Enfield with us, you benefit not just from a deep tissue massage, but from being able to confide in a positive thinking counsellor as well. Unwind while unloading any negative thoughts that may be plaguing you, while also benefitting from a massage that’ll get rid of any kinks.

Each one of our clients is unique, and so the services we offer are catered to your mental and physical needs. Replenish your body and mind with our trained massage therapist.

Which Body Massage is Right for me?

Get your Enfield massage with us and benefit from a carefully crafted, relaxing atmosphere of sounds and music. During this massage, you will be rubbed with only natural oils that are full of vitamins and minerals to help your body and skin feel incredible.

To get started, choose your massage depending on your aches and pains, as well as personal preferences. We can offer you a:

  • Naturist massage
  • Essential massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Full body massage

What Does Our Positive Thinking Counselling Offer?

Our Enfield massage therapist is trained in positive thinking and can offer counselling support to our clients before, during, or after the massage. We believe that peace and relaxation can only occur after the mind and body are in harmony and have been cared for, which is why our positive thinking service is a critical component to what makes our massages special and effective.

Confide in our counsellor with total confidence as well, as your session with her is entirely discreet and confidential. Anything discussed during your positive thinking counselling will remain private, so you are free to be open and honest about your problems and have our massage and positive thinking therapist help you finally unwind and relax.

Whatever you talk about will remain behind closed doors.

Why Book a Heaven and Earth Massage in Enfield?

Our holistic approach to healing is unique and geared towards beating modern day stress. Combined with an affordable price point, our goal is to be your go-to option when the stress you feel becomes too much. Contact us and book an appointment to see and feel the magic of massage therapy and positive thinking for yourself.