Relax, unwind and become a new you with our trained Cuffley massage therapist. Through our expertise in holistic therapy, body massage and positive thinking, you can rid your mind of negativity and the stresses of day to day living.

Stress is a silent killer, and it can be stored away in our psyche and muscles for far longer than it deserves. A deep tissue massage and holistic approach to healing can help you unwind and take your life back in an instant.

You’ll love the way you feel, as any stressful weight will be lifted from your shoulders. Our variety of holistic therapies can help bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

The Beauty of Our Holistic Treatments

All our treatments are completely organic and performed holistically. Melissa, our fully trained and qualified Cuffley massage therapist, will help ease your body and mind, relaxing you completely until you feel nothing but pure bliss.

You’ll find that here at Heaven and Earth Massage, we have a whole range of holistic treatments to offer you, from:

  • A selection of relaxing massages, from essential to deep tissue
  • Positive thinking counselling
  • Mental relaxation
  • Crystal healing therapy

Booking an appointment with us means you have a range of massages to choose from. You’ll also find our holistic treatments are designed to provide a safe and calming environment.

Which Cuffley Massage is Right for You?

Our range of massages is sure to please even the regular masseuse-goer.

With every single massage, our guests can benefit from 100% natural, scent-free, and stain-free oils, which are rubbed into your skin to give you a surge of vitamins and minerals.

When you leave, your body will be completely relaxed and your skin velvety smooth.

When you book an appointment for a Cuffley massage, you will have a choice of several massages:

Naturist Massage – One of the oldest massage methods out there.

Essential Massage – A great way to invigorate your mind and body.

Swedish Massage – The staple of massages, and perfect for relieving stress and muscle pain.

Full Body Massage – Treat your whole body to a massage and walk away feeling incredible.

Deep Tissue Massage –Our deep tissue massage is perfect for releasing pent up stress and muscle knots.

Crystal Healing Massage –Let our holistic massage therapist treat you to a massage with healing crystals.

Positive Thinking

Visit our massage therapist in Cuffley and take advantage of our last but critical holistic healing service, positive thinking. Our massage therapist is trained as a positive thinking counsellor, and though not a substitute for psychiatric help, can help you work through your stressors and leave them behind.

Enjoy our holistic approach to healing today and book an appointment.