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Relax your muscles and calm your mind. With a variety of holistic therapies available, Heaven and Earth will allow you to take a break from the fast pace and stresses of modern life.

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Relax your muscles and calm your mind

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking in Waltham Cross Positive thinking counselling is also available at Heaven and Earth. Our positive counsellor Melissa has plenty of experience and she will be […]

Body Massage

Soothe your mind, relax your muscles in Waltham Cross As the body and mind are powerfully linked, any tension in one is reflected in the other. At Heaven and Earth […]

Holistic Therapy

Escape the stresses of everyday life in Waltham Cross Heaven and Earth was established over 15 years and offers a variety of holistic therapies that will bring harmony to your […]

About Heaven and Earth Massage

We carry stress in our very being, deep in the muscles right down to the bone. Addressing this stress is more than just a great massage, we believe in a well-rounded holistic approach that helps you address your worries.

We do more than just help with aches and pains, we believe in the power of positive thinking and how alternative therapies can address tension in the mind and body. Through a combination of therapeutic massage and mental relaxation techniques, you will emerge invigorated.

Our team at Heaven and Earth Massage are certified and qualified. As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapy, we only hire trained massage therapists and positive thinking counsellors to provide our guests with the ultimate getaway right here in the United Kingdom.

Talented and experienced in the best massage therapies in the world, and combining physical therapy with positive thinking counselling will send your worries away and let you relax completely.

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

We offer multiple types of massage therapy intended to carry your troubles and tension away, and offer not just a holistic approach, but a bespoke one as well. Melissa, our certified holistic therapist, will create a custom treatment based on your personal needs so you can escape the physical and emotional stress of your busy life.

Types of Massage Therapy Available at Heaven and Earth Massage

We offer many types of therapies and use the best massage techniques in the world, but to truly help with stress management and improve your physical and emotional outlook, we will need to know your daily routines and how you hold your stress.

With this knowledge, we will work to ease tense muscles right down to the soft tissues of your body and encourage progressive muscle relaxation in a soothing environment.

Our Massages

Our massages are given by our trained massage therapist Melissa, who uses only scent-free oils to soothe the skin. These oils are full of vitamins and minerals that will invigorate and penetrate deep into the skin and leave it soft to the touch.

  • Naturist Massage
  • Essential Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Crystal Healing Massage

Release your pent-up stress and let your body finally relax with a massage of your choosing.

Our Environment

Your massage will be accompanied by soothing music and a relaxing atmosphere as we work to rid your body and mind of stress and tension. You will be in utter peace as we clear away the worries of your day and ease muscle tension

Beat Stress with Natural Therapy and Positive Thinking

We offer many types of therapies that tackle the physical stress within your body, and yet worries and concerns may still plague the mind. To truly reduce stress, benefit from the positive thinking therapy you can enjoy with our holistic therapist and positive thinking counsellor, Melissa.

A positive attitude can go a long way towards warding away stress and even prevent injuries. Talking and getting your worries off your chest while treating yourself to a massage can even help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Anything you say to your positive thinking counsellor will stay private, allowing you to take your worries and cast them to the wind as we unwind the physical consequences of stress from your body.

Located to All Those Throughout Hertfordshire

Our location in Waltham Cross is easily accessible to those throughout Hertfordshire and in London. Perfect for those who need an escape away and a physical massage to melt your worries in, you can find us at:

  • Brookmans Park
  • Cheshunt
  • Hatfield
  • Enfield
  • Potters Bar
  • Cuffley
  • Goffs Oak
  • Waltham Cross

Book a massage therapist today or come and visit us for a complete holistic approach to relaxation – soothe your aching muscles and calm your tempest of a mind. Together we can send you off in bliss and serenity you have only dreamed of for so long.

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Get in touch with us by visiting our spa in Waltham Cross or by calling 07940 820 725 to speak to one of our qualified massage therapists. We can work together to create a custom and bespoke therapy plan for your needs and body, and provide you with a rejuvenating experience that will make you feel like a whole new person.

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